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Angry parents have taken to the street in protest to stop dangerous parking during the school run.

They have formed daily picket lines outside Newcroft Primary Academy School in Shepshed, Leicestershire, since last Thursday with a group of people standing in single file along the pavement.

They said the line-up is a desperate bid to stop drivers from creating hazards.

Protesters said action is needed to prevent someone getting seriously hurt after a series of near misses outside

They said this has led to access problems on the paths and put children and their parents at risk, reports Leicestershire Live.

Some parents said complaints about the situation to Leicestershire County Council have gone unanswered which has forced the group to take action themselves to stop the dangerous parking.

They have vowed to continue doing it until action is taken.

Kelly Colk, one of those involved, said: “We shouldn’t have to do this but we feel we must as people are being put at risk all the time.

“The amount of near misses we have seen is too many.

“We saw one car reverse up onto the road where a parent and pushchair was and the driver didn’t even notice them.

“It’ll only be a matter of time until someone gets seriously hurt or worse. We can’t let it get to that.”

Ms Colk said the matter had been reported to both the school and county council, but feels no action has been taken.

She believes something has to change to keep children safe.

“Unfortunately I think until something happens and someone gets hurt, nothing will change,” she continued.

“That’s not right. We need the council to put some kind of parking or waiting restrictions here to stop it.

“Since we’ve started these lines drivers have started parking elsewhere but it’s only because we’ve had enough.

“Some of us have spoken with the parents parking dangerously. Some have been understanding and others have just ignored us.

“One woman said she parked like she did because she was tired. That attitude needs to change. Children should not be put at risk by drivers like this.”

Leicestershire County Council said it is encouraging the school to work with them and continues to ensure the area is monitored.

A spokesperson said: “We’re aware of parents’ concerns. There’s no easy solution to dangerous parking outside schools.

“But we would encourage Newcroft to work with us and the local community to develop a travel plan aimed at promoting alternatives to travelling to school by car.

“We can confirm that the zig-zag markings outside the school are enforceable by camera car, and we’ll continue to ensure that visits are made to undertake any necessary enforcement.”